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Killybegs Harbour

Anchor pull out testing

In 2021, Niall McDonagh Roofing and Rope Access was contracted as a specialist third party inspector by Sorenson’s and Doran Consulting at their project in Killybegs Harbour carrying out additional Fendering on a Landing Pier, Our role was to carry out inspections and independent tests on the protective bumpers applied in the Works.

Niall McDonagh Roofing and Rope Access firstly created a bespoke Axial load testing program in accordance with BS 5080 Part 1. The specialised Rope Access Techniques allowed technicians to access all required locations in a safe and efficient manner in accordance to IRATA guidelines and create the documentation required to compile a safety folder.

The number of tests carried out specified by the clients was a minimum of 10% of the total number of anchorages proposed in the works, subject to a minimum of 3 anchorages for any discrete area with different amount and type of anchorage, different concrete strength and different installation team. The test load was 100kN. The location of the test anchorages was defined and directed by the Employer’s Representative.

Each tested reinforcing bar/anchor was loaded incrementally in tension in accordance with BS 5080 Part 1 up to the test load. The number of load increments were at a minimum 5 stages. Incremental loads was held for not less than 30 seconds and the test load for not less than 5 minutes.

Project was completed on time, No disruptions to the Harbour Service, 100% safety record and low costs to the client.

Site constraints

  • Working in and around a live shipyard.
  • Working within a limited time frame set by the client.
  • Working without the option to disrupt harbour services.
  • Working in close proximity and over water.


1 Day, 16 Man Hours


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