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Industrial Rope Access

When it comes to working at height, in tight spaces, or in difficult-to-reach areas, industrial rope access provides cost-effective and quick solutions that can help facility owners save money & time.

Cost Effective

The development of rope access for industrial services like structural inspections, smokestack & chimney repair, and painting & restoration has not only increased safety standards for the technicians working at height, but it also provides a cost-effective way for companies to deal with repairs and inspections in their factories and plants. Rope access work also saves a considerable amount of time when compared to traditional scaffolding. These innovative methods answer the need for a simple, safe, and adaptable way to reach challenging locations.

Rope Access Ireland is capable of utilising rope access methods to complete a wide range of services like inspections and repairs on tall or industrial structures worldwide. Here’s a look at services we provide with rope access capabilities:

Rope Access Ireland offers solutions for tasks which are challenging due to lack of easy access. We are a leader in the provision of alternative access and safe working-at-height solutions in Ireland. Our innovative rope access methods enable us to deliver many cost effective solutions to our clients that minimise or eliminate downtime and have quick turnaround.


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