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Lightning protection

Rope Access Ireland provides comprehensive services for the design, installation and maintenance of lightning and surge protection and specialist earthing systems.

Complete Service

Our service covers the design, installation, test, inspection, repair and maintenance of new and existing systems. We also offer testing and maintenance services, strike risk management and rope access services to suit our customers’ individual needs. Our services are delivered in accordance with BS7439:1998.

Lightning Protection

The phrase “lightning never strikes twice” is not correct. The fact is that lightning can strike the same structure time and time again. We design, install, test and commission lightning protection systems in strict compliance with the criteria and recommendations as described in BS EN 62305 (Protection Against Lightning), BS 6651:1999 (The Protection of Structures Against Lightning) and BS 7430:2015 (Earthing).


The current British Standard Code of Practice regarding earthing is BS 7430:1998 (ISBN 0 580 28229 5). We conduct soil resistivity surveys (carried out to determine site specific earthing requirements), design and install site-specific earthing systems.

Early Streamer Emission Systems

There are several lightning protection systems which are extensively used world-wide which do not form part of the current British Standard BS EN 62305:2006. These systems provide an alternative solution to protecting structures where the installations of a BS System may not be feasible or viable.


Surge Protection

Power surges or transient over voltages can be caused in two ways: either as the secondary effect of a lightning strike (up to a kilometer away), or by the electrical switching of large inductive loads (such as motors and transformers). Rope Access Ireland can protect you

Testing and Maintenance

All structures require some degree of maintenance ranging from roof fabric refurbishment to the addition of new roof mounted plant and equipment. In such circumstances the existing lightning protection system will be affected and require modification.


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