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Radisson Hotel

Fire proofing lift shaft

In 2019, Niall McDonagh Roofing and Rope Access Services was tasked with the installation of fire proofing to the maintenance/service lift shaft at the Radisson hotel in Athlone, Co. West Meath

Niall McDonagh Roofing and Rope Access firstly created a bespoke access solution to allow technicians to access all required locations in a safe and efficient manner in accordance to IRATA guidelines and create the documentation required to compile a safety folder.

The project required the use of Intumescent acrylic and acoustic mastic, a halon-free, mastic with a powerful, fire-resistant filler for fire-stopping gaps from 1mm up to 60mm wide. After application, a skin forms that allowing for painting, but the material stays permanently flexible. It is a low-pressure material with good cooling ability for metals and expands up to five times its volume in a fire. Therefore providing a permanent flexible seal against fire, smoke, and toxic fumes.

All works Tested to BS476 Parts 20 & 22 (1987), achieving integrity ratings of up to 249. Additionally, tested to European Standard EN1363-1 (2000), achieving 126 minutes protection.

Project was completed on time, No disruptions to the operation of hotel services, 100% safety record and low costs to the client.

Site constraints

  • Working in and around operational hotel.
  • Working with no access inside of the cages of lift shaft.
  • Working with sunken floor 3m below exit hatch.
  • Organisational and personnel difficulties due to Covid-19 pandemic.


1 Day – 16 Man Hours


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