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Saint Nicholas Church

De-vegetation & Cleaning

In 2020, Niall McDonagh Roofing and Rope Access was tasked with initially the inspection but further the removal of de-vegetation and cleaning of the gargoyles, parapets clearing, spire survey and restoration of the bell clock and chimes at St Nicholas church in Galway City.

Niall McDonagh Roofing and Rope Access firstly created a bespoke access solution to allow technicians to access all required locations in a safe and efficient manner around parapets, façade and roofing sections. Challenges surrounding the Spire and bell clock required a more complex methodology which we was able to create our own in-house solution.

All solutions where carried out within accordance to IRATA guidelines and created the documentation required to compile a safety folder.

The project required the removal of estimated 1 Ton of green waste and debris, Broken/Missing slates replaced and secured within conservation demands. Niall McDonagh Roofing and Rope Access trained employees worked on the old clock mechanism so it can offer clock services in the future for the church. Removing all waste from site and recycling 100% of the product.

The Spire survey was completed using a complex rope access solution safely and the cleaning of the gargoyles was completed speedily with rope access allowing quick but safe transfer between each gargoyle eliminating any down time on the project.

Project was completed on time, No disruptions to the Church, 100% safety record and low costs to the client.


Site constraints

  • Working in and around Pedestrians, Students, Cyclists and Vehicle Traffic
  • Working with no access to areas of the building façade and Spire, deeming MEWP unable.
  • Working with Conservation officers on the heritage structure
  • Organisational and personnel difficulties due to Covid-19 pandemic.


Phase 1 – Inspection, 1 Days, 16 Man Hours
Phase 2 – Rectifications, 6 Days, 96 Man Hours


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